Ecological cleanliness

Ecological cleanliness

Ecological cleaning is a way of ecological cleaning that avoids the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.

For the ecological cleaning we use cleaning products and methods that are considered clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

We use products and methods that are not harmful to the health of the people who use them or those who work or live in the building or unit that is being cleaned. Also, the products used do not have a harmful impact on the environment.

The benefits of using a green office cleaning service

There are a number of reasons why your business should consider turning to a green cleaning service to meet your need for professional commercial cleaning.

Traditionally, office cleaning services use commercial cleaning products and tools that may contain chemicals that may be harmful to you and your employees. Although on the surface they appear to be cleansing, the chemicals from these cleaning products often lead to poor indoor air quality in the office building.

Traditional non-organic cleansing substances are also the potential cause of problems such as eye, skin or lung irritation and may eventually lead to illness or diseases. The severity of these risks depends on the type of building or workplace and how long the employees work in the building. For example, people working in hospitals are exposed to these cleaning chemicals for a longer period because they tend to work more hours. In addition to improving employee health, an ecological cleaning service creates a healthier environment for customers, too.

Using a commercial cleaning service specializing in organic cleaning not only provides a healthy job, but also contributes to the productivity of your staff by reducing the risk of getting sick. Ecological office cleaning services greatly reduce allergy symptoms and reactions to cleaning chemicals.

100% safe and organic cleaning solutions

The cleaning solutions used contain quality ingredients derived from non-toxic and non-allergenic plants.

We use pressure cleaning technology

Pressurized steam technology helps to protect the cleaned surfaces (does not scratch them, does not chemically attack them), disinfects them and reduces the consumption of cleaning solutions in the operational processes.

Our company uses top professional equipment, Karcher and Gribli.

Equipment and machinery have a low environmental impact.

Both in the design of the operational processes and in the purchase of the equipment and tools, we considered that they have a low impact on the environment. We have optimized energy consumption, we have used low noise equipment, we have reduced carbon emissions, we have mainly used recyclable consumables.

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