Frequently asked questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional cleaning services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we get.

General questions

How can you get an estimated price?

You can contact us by phone 0744.685.378 (phone, SMS, Whatsapp), through Facebook Messenger, through the form on the Facebook page and through the contact form on the site.
Based on the details provided by you or, as the case may be, following a viewing of the cleaning space we present our offer.

After the beginning of the work can appear changes of the estimative cost?

If, at the initial assessment of the estimative cost, there is sufficient information for the correct evaluation of the equipment, solutions and the maneuver for the execution of the work, the estimative cost is not modified.
However, there are some cases where, on the situ or after the beginning of the work, situations arise that generate the supplementation of the initially estimated resources, for example: the level of dirt is higher than estimated, the surface to be cleaned is longer, there are spots that require the use of special equipment and solutions.
In these cases, the customer is informed of the additional costs before continuing the work. Depending on the customer’s decision, the works are executed or not.

Is it necessary that someone visit my house before planning a work?

It is not necessary to view the space for standardized housing and works (residential cleaning for studios, apartments, small villas).

For a good estimation of the works, it is recommended that for large spaces, atypical spaces, commercial spaces and for where a special cleaning is required to perform the viewing before sending the estimative cost.


Are cleaning solutions included?

Cleaning solutions are included in the offer. Zobo Clean uses professional equipment and solutions that are inseparable. We also provide customers with a complete range of 100% environmentally friendly professional cleaning solutions.

If the customer has a preference for a certain type of solution (compatible with our equipment), we can try the direct purchase of these products or we can make the products available by the customer.

What happens if the customer is not satisfied with the cleaning?

In order to ensure the satisfaction of the customer, each cleaning ends with a receipt report. If at the reception there are deficiencies in the cleaning, these are remedied on the same day or as agreed with the customer.

If, after taking-over the works, the customer finds deficiencies and these are reported to us within 24 hours after the end of the works, we will remedy on the first working day, of course, free of charge.

Questions about the planning of the works

Do I have to be home when the cleaning is done?

It is up to you, you do not need to be home. All you have to do is make sure you give access to the place at the appointed date and time.

Does the cleaning team arrive at the appointed date and time?

Punctuality is one of the values of our company.

There may be situations where, for reasons independent of our will, the cleaning team cannot arrive at the appointed time. In these situations, the customer is immediately informed (if we have information indicating a delay).

For the delays generated by us regarding the execution of the work, we offer to the customers a discount on the value of the work.

When am I charged for the work?

The invoice for the completed services is issued after the completion of the works. The invoice is issued based on the order/contract and the minutes of proceedings of the works.

Am I charged for canceling a work?

We are convinced that the cancellation of an order is done for serious reasons of our customers and, although for us it involves costs, WE DO NOT APPLY PENALTIES.

Questions about the cleaning process

What does maintenance/general cleaning include?

Details on the operations included for each type of intervention can be accessed on the website in the Services – Residential Cleaning section

How many cleaning agents do you send?

The cleaning team consists of a minimum of 2 cleaning agents.

The team is sized according to the type of cleaning and the volume of the space to be cleaned. In the dimensioning of the intervention team, we have considered reducing the intervention time in order to disrupt as little as possible the current activity of the customer, the number of shifts to the location (to be as less as possible).

How am I protected for the destruction of some goods in the house or their disappearance due to your employees?

Destruction or disappearance of property due to us would be extremely unwanted but accidents can happen. Therefore, we have implemented preventive and corrective measures to avoid such situations and to eliminate unwanted effects (if such situations occur).

Thus, our employees present a criminal record when we hire them, sign a confidentiality contract regarding the information they contact during the activity in the customer’s space and also go through a training process on the impact and risks of the activities they carry out for the goods of the customers.

For the situations that have produced effects, our firm has a civil liability insurance concluded with the insurance company, Allianz-Tiriac.