Personal data processing

The security and protection of your personal data, as well as compliance with all the regulations in force, including those related to the protection of the personal data of our partners, is an extremely important aspect for us, and regarding this we make all the necessary steps to respect them.

As a result, we would like to inform you in detail about the processing of personal data.

Responsible for data protection on the website, is S.C Damas Space Care S.R.L , Romanian legal entity, with its registered office in Giurgiu county, Bolintin-Vale city, Crivina village, 151A bis, Room 2 registered at the Register Trade from Giurgiu Law Court under no. J52/601/16.04.2019, having CUI (unique identification code) 40994154. When using and processing personal data, SC Damas Space Care SRL strictly observes the legal provisions in force regarding data protection. The right to use personal data and anonymous data belongs to S.C Damas Space Care S.R.L within the limits provided by law, while respecting the rights of the data subjects described below.

This statement on data protection applies only to and the related sub-domains.

1. Processing of personal data

Personal data, within the meaning of Art. 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), represents all information regarding an identified or identifiable person such as for example, name, address, email address and so on. If you correspond with us or fill out a data form on our web page:, please keep in mind that the data mentioned by you on the respective form will be processed for the purposes described below (see point 5).

2. The operator of personal data

Responsible for data protection regarding the web page, is SC Damas Space Care SRL, Romanian legal entity, with its registered office in Giurgiu county, Bolintin-Vale city, Crivina village, 151A bis, Room 2 registered at the Trade Register from Giurgiu Court Law under no. J52/601/16.04.2019, having C.U.I. 40994154, e-mail address:, mobile telphone: 0744685378.

3. Rights of data subjects

As a data subject affected by the data processing activity, you benefit from the following rights in relation to your personal data, pursuant to Art. 15 et seq. from GDPR:

  • Right of access;
  • Right of rectification and deletion;
  • Right to restrict processing;
  • Right to data portability; and
  • Rright to opposition.


In addition, you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority (Romanian Authority for Data Protection) having as its object the processing of your personal data.

4. Disclosure of data to authorities

In the event of a legal obligation, we reserve the right to disclose information regarding your personal data to the competent authorities or the legal bodies which request it.

5. The processing of personal data and its purpose

When sending the contact form placed on Contact page of the domain or by completing the Receiving Offer Form, your personal data will be processed in the categories: identification data, email, telephone, and the text of of your request , in the conditions provided for in this section.

Purpose: The answer to your request.

Cause: Legitimate interest in individually processing your questions and being able to answer in a credible and effective manner.

Your personal data will be held by SC Damas Space Care SRL and will only be used for this purpose.

SC Damas Space Care SRL, processes by automated and manual means your personal data in order to provide the provision of services and goods from the sphere of activity of the company, the execution of the contracts concluded with the company, in order to promote the services company (marketing, including direct marketing), competitions, communications, commercial services for SC Damas Space Care SRL, including those developed together with a partner SC Damas Space Care SRL, granting some bonuses to customers in the framework of promotional campaigns, for the fulfillment of certain legal obligations of the company, such as the communication of information to the authorized state bodies, and also for the legitimate interests of company such as the processing of the image through video recordings for the protection of people and of the goods from the boundaries of the company.

The personal data provided by you may be used for promotional purposes (marketing) and for the products or services of other partners of SC Damas Space Care SRL, in compliance with your rights.

The personal data processed are intended for use by the company and can be communicated only to the following recipients: to you as a data subject or to your legal representatives, to the employees of the company, to the central and local authorities according to the legal provisions, to the authorized people of the company in its capacity as operator.

In order to achieve the aforementioned processing purposes, the company will process the personal data during the existence of your consent or during the execution of the concluded contract/providing the specific services, as well as later in order to comply with the applicable legal obligations, including the archiving provisions.

Storage time: 3 years;

Consequences of the refusal: in case you refuse to provide us with this data, you will not be able to contact us and we will not be able to provide you with the requested information.

Exact data fields:

  • “Contact” form: name, email, message;
  • “Ask for Offer” form: Name, address, e-mail, telephone number, space details, date and time of the appointment, frequency of services;
  • “Do you have a question?” form: name, email address, message.


You, as a data subject, are obliged to provide complete, up-to-date and accurate data.

If your personal data is processed based on your consent, you also have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data without affecting the legality of the processing done up to that moment.

If you do not agree with any of these mentioned terms and conditions, do not use any of our websites or provide us with your personal data. Certain services may be subject to the provision of your personal data.

For more details on the processing activities performed by the company Damas Space Care SRL, as well as on the rights you benefit from in this context, you can send a request (in material/electronic format by e-mail) to the address ofthe e-mail: