Price list

  • The prices are expressed in lei and include all taxes.
  • Prices include the costs of the used materials.
  • The prices are relative and can vary depending on the usable area, the level of misery and the frequency of the interventions.
  • For the exclusive use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, the prices displayed increase by 5%.

Residential / Commercial cleaning

TypeMaintenance cleaningGeneral cleaningCleaning after the builderCleaning after the event
Studio150 lei300 lei360 lei300 lei
2 room apartment200 lei450 lei410 lei350 lei
3 room apartment300 lei550 lei650 lei550 lei
4 room apartment350 lei600 lei700 lei600 lei
Houses/comercial (lei/sqm)2÷4 lei6÷9 lei7÷10 lei6÷9 lei

Carpet and upholstery cleaning (injection-extraction)

Carpets (lei/sqm)7 lei
Office chair washing (textile)30 lei
Armchair washing (textile)90 lei
Mattress washing 1 person100 lei
2-seater sofa washing (textile)150 lei
3-seater sofa wash (textile)190 lei
4-seater sofa washing (textile)250 lei
Corner sofa washing 4-5 seats (textile)280 lei

Related cleaning services

Internal oven cleaning35 lei
Internal microwave oven cleaned15 lei
Interior refrigerator cleaning20 lei
Washing dishes15 lei
Vacuuming curtains/curtains - lei/sqm2 lei
Draperies (price/sqm)5 lei
Curtains (price/sqm)4 lei